2013 – Garden year 1

We, as in me, decided we wanted a organic garden in our backyard. Now seeming as though I have never successfully grown anything in my life, well unless you count my daughter 🙂 this was to be a challenge. I did a lot of reading, re-reading, and questioning my co-worker who has an extensive garden and farm animals. I bought some organic seeds from seedsnow.com and they were awesome, not to mention affordable!

We started with seeds inside…not sure I would do as many inside but maybe some that transplanted well. With living in MI we don’t have as long of a growing season, so we thought we would start here…



…but again with our tiny house, we quickly realized that having the seedlings inside were a pain when company was over.

Seedlings growing

Most seedlings thrived, but when we transplanted not all of them made it. Who know if we transplanted too early, too late, the soil wasn’t right…I haven’t a clue.

Then I had hubs build me a raised garden box…and bought lots & lots of dirt! I wanted to start a bit small, 8′ x 4′ to see how well we could handle it.

Garden box


Then finally in late May we transplanted about half of the seedlings…I had some cute little helpers, my 3 and my niece

Garden buddies First planting

Then we watered, and watered, and watered some more to make our garden grow…really didn’t have any weed or bug issues but we had some critter squirrel or rabbit that would come and snack on our treats.

We started getting some real loot…

Green Beans Green Beans Carrots Cucumbers

Then we closed up shop…and hoped it would open again next summer!


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