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Welcome to my blog!

First I’ll introduce myself, I’m Andrea, or as 4 small people call me mom. I just turned 30, and I’m trying to refocus a smidge more attention to myself, but I have 4 daughters (almost 9, 7, 4 & 3), one biological, and 3 step, and a husband that kind of acts like another kid! 

I’m a typical 2014 mom, I work full time outside the home – the only one that pays me, then I’m also a Girl Scout Brownie leader, housekeeper, chef, personal assistant, finance manager, chauffeur, counselor, doctor, magic maker, and fairy tale creator. 

I like to organize and plan events. I don’t like “just wingin’ it” I like to know what I’m in for. I usually have a minimum of 5 different things going on, and somehow I manage to get it all done, and sometimes even impress myself!

With a big family, we have to get creative and watch our budget closely. I like to buy in bulk & prepare dinners for the freezer – I’m still working on getting this system down. We sacrificed living in a smaller house to live in a wonderful city – that I grew up in – with an excellent school system, but at times it feels like we are going to burst at the seams!

I am heavily involved in our local Girl Scouts, I am my 7yo daughters Troop Leader, as well as a Troop Organizer for all of the Brownie troop in our area. It keeps me busy, and I really enjoy working with the girls. Soon we will start camping…I’m not an outdoorsy chic but I somehow have to convince 12 little girls that its “cool!” 

The girls and I started an organic garden in our backyard last year – we didn’t get too much but it was fun and a jump start to learning. We will be starting up our garden again soon, but this winter ins SE Michigan was brutal! The girls love all the parts of gardening, and that’s the best part.

Even if no one ever reads this blog I don’t mind – I’m just doing it for fun!

♥ ATenn4






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