Why has Facebook all the sudden become everyone’s personal soapbox? Everyone from all walks of life young, old…

I don’t talk politics, there were a few items I learned you don’t talk about: money, politics, & religion. Not that you never talk about these items but you don’t talk to just anyone about them.

At church, or whatever religious place you go to…that’s where you talk religion.

With a financial assistant, loan officer, your boss 🙂 or any other financial influential person is who you discuss money with.

Politics…well I’m not sure when this is appropriate.

The HOT political topics I currently see lighting up my Facebook are gay marriage, vaccinations, and who are next round of elected officials will or will not be.

A brief look at my thoughts that I rarely discuss deeper…

Gay Marriage: What’s the big deal? Let people marry who they want – our country was founded on a freedom of religion and a SEPARATION of church and state. Church Marriage – Not legal, if you don’t go to the state to get a license your religious ceremony means nothing. State Marriage – legal. So if churches or religious organizations choose not to marry people they do not agree with…then fine they have the right. The state however doesn’t, because there is no legal reason why they shouldn’t be able to marry. Let people adopt children and have equal rights…if two loving people make a home and raise children in it, who cares what sexuality they are. I briefly watched some of the court proceedings here in Michigan over the rights of gay marriage…and this argument made me say hmm “The state also argued that it has a “legitimate” interest in preserving the traditional family structure because it claims children thrive best when married moms and dads raise them.” So if the state would rather married moms & dads live together and raise children, why haven’t they banned divorce? (I know not realistic but a hypothetical) What about single mother’s who end up raising a child alone? Our government really thinks that same sex couples are worse than divorced parents fighting, single parents, no parents, or state foster care? I think not! 

Vaccinations…I have done much research, but am by no means a medical professional. However I do believe parents should be allowed to make their own decisions on how they want to raise their children. I do not think that it should be forced upon people and parents should be berated over their decisions. If our government didn’t have a hand in the drug companies pockets, it might be easier to agree with the science. But did you know every time you get a vaccination – the government receives cash? Do you realize that every year since the “flu shot” has come to the mainstream it went something like this:

  • year 1: “here’s a flu vaccine – if you receive it you won’t get the flu, we only have enough for pregnant woman, children & the elderly” 6 months later “whoopsy we didn’t get the right strain this year nature chose fu3 and we vaccinated for fu1”
  • year 2: “here’s a flu vaccine – if you receive it you won’t get the flu, we only have enough for pregnant woman, children & the elderly, oh and anyone who is in regular contact with any of these groups” 6 months later “whoopsy we didn’t get the right strain this year nature chose fu8 and we vaccinated for fu3”
  • year 3: “here’s a flu vaccine – if you receive it you won’t get the flu, we have enough for EVERYONE…you get a flu shot, and you get a flu shot, everyone gets a flu shot!!!!! and this year we nailed it, we put 2 strains in” 6 months later “whoopsy we didn’t get the right strain again this year nature chose fu14 and we vaccinated for fu2 & fu4″

Again…I’m not anti-vaccination, however I am – do your research, know what you are putting in your body or your child’s, make an educated choice not one someone made for you. People do more research on which smart phone, or TV they are going to purchase then the medicines they put into their bodies.

Money: we don’t talk about money. when people talk about money they probably don’t have it, when people don’t talk about it, they also probably don’t have it. 🙂


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