You’re FIRED…from a volunteer position

WOW, to be denied a volunteer position is pretty rough territory…

So for our local GS area I am the Brownie Troop Organizer in addition to my own Brownie troop. This job is pretty simple except in the Fall, when new girls need to be placed in troops, leaders need training, and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!

The next busy time is Spring/end of the school year, remember paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, well times that by about 10x more! Then helping with EOY financials, checking statues of troops continuation for the next year…and lastly if volunteers are continuing their wonderful service. But wait wait wait, what if you don’t want a volunteer to return…awkward!

Well apparently this is the week of awkward conversations for me…because I have to tell a leader she is no longer welcome, well that’s if I can get a hold of her. Why you ask? Let’s go with short and sweet, leader in control of finances writes a check and overdrafts account, is notified immediately, account remains overdrawn for 2 weeks and incurs $xx in NSF fees, all because she hadn’t deposited troop dues yet and wrote a bad check…was told she needed to reimburse the troop because it is the GIRLS money! 5 months and many emails later nothing…

You can’t take money from girl scouts and not be asked to leave…I think that’s worse than taking candy from a baby!


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