Firefighter for a day

Boo was recently “fire fighter for a day”…pretty cool experience.

How you say? In the Fall at Boo’s elementary they do a “Fun Run” which is basically like a fun hour to play outside and be active. The kids collect donations for the Fun Run – similar to sponsoring a runner for the laps they run, or a flat donation for running in a charity race. This is the schools main fundraiser, hallelujah I don’t have to buy or sell “crap” to my friends and relatives! Most families just write a check, they set a goal of $50 – per child, or $70 – family, however they make it competitive…and anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to win. So class that earns the most wins a recess prize pack (not sure what this really is) but Boo’s class also won this. And then the top 4 earners win a “for a day” experience, Principal, Secretary, Fire Fighter, and Police Officer. Pretty cool huh?

Parents donate money, with little effort, and give away “free” prizes…the PTA has made this work in everyone’s favor.

So Boo was #3 at her school, with $270 in donations. Her good girl friend in her class was #4, and according to Boo, #1 was a boy “who was #1 every year,” and #2 was also a boy. Now this is where the wonderful magic starts…this is the great world in which we live…they get to choose in the order of which they placed. Here goes…

#1 – 3rd grade boy (who has been #1 for now the 4th year, and always selects Principal) he selects Principal – again

#2 – also a 3rd grade boy selects Secretary (of the school)

#3 – my Boo, 2nd grade girl selects Fire Fighter

#4 – 2nd grade girl selects by default, but was her second choice Police Officer

What a gender role reversal. Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I was just quite surprised to learn the 2 boys choose traditional female roles, and the 2 girls choose traditional male roles. I actually think its pretty cool that either a we have evolved enough to not see a difference or b that these kids even at 8 or 9 years old are comfortable enough to choose roles that interest them instead of what they are “suppose” to choose.

This is only the start of raising strong women. She was also featured in our local paper about her day, and all the girls in her girl scout troop have told her how awesome it was! One mom told her “you’re famous?”



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