The dog…

Oh my oh my, so hubs has been bugging me about getting a puppy for a few weeks now, I undeniably say no! We have kids I reply…not now…I don’t have the time, money, or energy for a puppy…a puppy is like a baby…these are all the reasons I try giving to hubs.

He has been trying to talk the girls into the dog idea, Boo gives him the “responsibility speech” apparently she has heard this one from me far too often because it was dead on. It goes something like this “dad, a dog is a lot of responsibility, it takes up a lot of time and money, we just don’t have a lot of time or money to take care of a dog right now. ya know you have to walk it, and clean up poop. what are you going to do with him when we go on vacation?”

Hubs even said to me one night “what if I do one of those Facebook polls that if I get so many like I can get a dog?” I reply “I don’t care how many likes you get, none of those people will be taking care of it” So hubs modified version of this was posting a random pic of a “cute” puppy and telling people she doesn’t want one but should I bring home anyways…well of course his friends all reply with cheers of “yeah man” “aww cute get him” “if you don’t take him I will” “do it, that puppy is adorable” and best one of all “get it, YOU are the man you do and get what YOU want!” Oh lol…sorry buddy we don’t live in another country nor 1950, this is 2014 and women have a voice!

We both work full-time, outside our home so a puppy is quite a task – as it is I do all of the day to day for him and the 3 girls…the cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, running around, pretty much everything except mowing the lawn. Just mornings alone would kill a normal person, getting myself and 3 little girls ready, lunches packed, breakfast made, homework checked, and out the door by 7:15am is like running a marathon on a daily basis. A puppy is just not on the radar. I told him getting a puppy without my mutual acceptance is like the male equivalent of a woman getting pregnant when a man doesn’t want a baby.

Well Friday afternoon what is hubs up to…picking up a puppy. AHHHHHH, I try not to show my dismay but I know he knows its there. He says but you’ll love it, yes you are right I will love the puppy, I mean its furry and cute that’s what it was put on earth to do, be cute. That doesn’t mean that I am happy about having another mouth to feed and worry about, clean up after.


Yes, Frankenstein is the newest member of our family…8weeks old, born 3/27/14, Lab – Austrailian Shephard mix



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