Brownies Year 1 Summary

We are just wrapping up our 1st year of Brownies…and boy were we busy!

We earned 2 journeys, 13 badges, and 1 Safety Pin…all in 9 months.

So in addition to my summer project of planning the remaining 1 journey & 14 badges (as our girls have set a goal “to earn them ALLLLL!”) I plan to do quick write ups of what badges we earned this year, and how we did it. Look us leaders have got to stick together, sharing ideas, borrowing and tweaking plans isn’t about stealing another’s plan but “using our resources wisely”

Here’s a quick preview of the badges we did this year, that I will post later details…

  • Brownie Quest Journey
  • Wonders of Water Journey
  • Brownie Safety Award Pin
  • Hiker Badge
  • My Best Self
  • Girl Scout Way
  • Fair Play
  • Money Manager
  • Making Games
  • Home Scientist
  • Snacks
  • Dancer
  • Senses
  • Meet my Customers
  • Household Elf
  • Letterboxer

I included my daughter’s vest…that I am so proud of because I actually sew her badges on just like my mom did for me.  and because it’s tradition & that iron on stuff doesn’t last!

Brownie Vest

photo 2


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