Dressing girls

My sister and I grew up in a traditional household, the two of us girls about 22 months apart in age (she’s older), and our parents. We never ever wanted to be mixed up, even with almost 2 years between us people often thought we could be twins. We made she we never ever dressed remotely similar, mostly because she was a “I don’t care girl – not really a tom boy” and I was very girly and pink and clean. The only time we dressed even somewhat alike was for family pictures, like once every 5 years!

Now fast forward to today…let’s first talk kids and ages 

#1 is my 9yo step-daughter who visits our home once a month
#2 is my Boo who is 7 – about 17 months younger than #1

#3 is my 4 yo step-daughter who lives with us 50%
#4 is my 3 yo step-daughter who also lives with us 50% – about 15 months younger than #2

3 & 4 live with their mom the other 50% of the time, she dresses them alike, partly for convenience but the other part for attention I think. When they are at our house, the wear clothes from our house, and I dress them as different as possible, they are two different little girls, and have 2 very different personalities.

Now here’s the funny part, #1 & Boo only see each other about once a month or so, they have become better friends then “sisters.” These two little girls want to dress as identical as possible. To me this is such a foreign concept as when I was growing up I did everything of the opposite. If one is in a skirt, you bet the other is going to find a skirt to wear, even if she has to pull it out of the dirty laundry :/ 

Well the one benefit of having 4 girls is that there are hand-me-downs galore, and since they are all girly princess girls, none of their clothes get “worn-out.” The other benefit of the girls being close in age is the older two and the younger two can basically share clothes. The older two wear the same exact size in clothes and shoes, its basically like having a double sized wardrobe. 

Maybe this is a girls dream….hmm


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