Brownie Badge – My Best Self

We did this as our kick-off to Brownies badge – girls worked on some while we had a parent meeting.


  1. Get to know your body
  2. Eat & Play in a Healthy Way
  3. Find out how your body works
  4. Know what to do if something bugs you
  5. Meet a health helper

Here’s what we did to meet them…

Step 1: The girls colored pictures of themselves, with hair, skin & eye color, outfit in their favorite color – then the girls shared with everyone

Step 2: Try 3 different kinds of activities – skipping, jumping rope, and dribbling a basketball – we did as stations, and had the girls talk about what they liked and didn’t like, then they committed to doing one new activity 3 times for 20 min in 1 week.

Step 3: We discussed what a healthy body temperature is, and what it means when it is outside the normal range. We took each girls temp. and charted it on a graph

We had a line for 97.6*, 98.6* “average”, & 99.6* which are the upper and lower limits for “normal” then we looked at how close everyone was, and if anyone was outside the “normal” range.

Step 4: Create a “happy bag” with about 5 items that make you smile 🙂 we had brown lunch sacks and decorated them with pictures, the girls names, words…then when the girls got home they filled them with books, squishy squeezing balls, stuffed animals, pictures of happy times, or any other things they wanted.

Step 5: We had a school nurse visit our meeting, she spoke a bit about what nurses at school would do and then the girls got to ask questions. The nurse said her biggest thing she does is monitor head lice (ewww) she worked at elementary level. The girls then all shared their lice stories (eww eww!)

As a side note – isn’t it funny that lice is something pretty much everyone (at least girls) has lice at least once growing up…and if you have kids you dread the day – but the funny part is no one talks about it with other moms. Boo had lice like 4 or 5 times last spring/summer…totally gross but when you have hair to your waist you are high risk. We have learned the tricks of keeping lice at bay…besides all the things we were taught as kids don’t share hats, brushes, or hair accessories. We keep her hair back in braids, ponies, and hair spray – lice don’t like hair product and its hard for them to transfer when hair is tight to the head. 

And with that you have earned My Best Self


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