Brownie Hiker badge

Well I have to say, this one is pretty simple – we do a Fall Hike with all Girl Scouts in our area, it’s a family event and really laid back and fun! We arrived early so we could do certain requirements prior to starting our hike…

  1. Decide where to go
  2. Try out a hiking skill
  3. Pick the right gear
  4. Pack an energy snack
  5. Go on an hike & play a game

Step 1: Select a park with trails or Girl Scout camp to take a hike in – we choose a local public park

Step 2: We had maps printed out of the park prior to going, we learned how to look at the key and figure out where we were on the map several times during our hike

Step 3: The right gear – well anytime my troop plans ANYthing outdoors, it rains – so we discussed types of shoes you should and shouldn’t wear, clothes to wear, backpack or small bag to carry water, snack, small first aid kit, and extra gear if necessary. 

Step 4: A snack – so we had every girl sign up to bring an ingredient to make GORP (Good Ol Raisins & Peanuts) so we had all sorts of things like chex, pretzels, peanuts, mini marshmallows, dried fruit, mini chocolate chips/m&ms, and baggies to put it in. Obviously if you have any allergies omit items as needed. We had each girl dump the item she brought in a big bowl, then divided it into baggies to carry on the trail. We also discussed why some things are good to pack, nuts for protein, chocolate or marshmallows for sugar/energy…etc.

Step 5: We played iSpy or nature bingo…not sure what we called it. Basically each girl had a sheet with pictures of different things they may see, and they marked them off as they saw them. And of course if they did see something they were to share it by pointing it out to the rest of the troop so we could all enjoy. 

Now you are all official Hikers, and hopefully it doesn’t rain every time you go outside.


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