Brownie Quest Journey

Brownie Quest Journey

This Journey we worked on slowly but surely…start to finish it took us 6 months to complete, mostly because we had to wait to do our service project – the winter here in Michigan was brutal!

The Discover Key: We did this along side the My Best Self badge by adding a few components…so while the girls were presenting their colored picture of themselves they also shared what special qualities or talents they have.

The Connect Key: The girls brought props if necessary to show the group their talent, we had everything from artwork/drawings, gymnastics, soccer ball handling, to violin playing. After the girls shared their talent we took a poll to see who else posses that talent/skill. We learned we have a lot of artists & gymnasts in our group. 

The Take Action Key: This one took a lot of brain storming – and many changes in our plans until we finally nailed the project we could execute and the girls actually agreed upon. We did this after cookie season, we had 72 boxes so 6 full cases of Girl Scout cookies donated. (Momma brag – 60 of the 72 were sold by my Boo!) We had to find who we wanted to donated all these cookies too, and who would take them (yes! this is MUCH harder than you would think).

  • We settled on a Fire Station to which one of our girls father is a fireman at and who had recently lost 2 men in a blaze, we gave them a case – the girls all made a card…happy cards, thanking them for their service – whatever else upbeat thoughts they wanted to express. (**side note- when doing community outreach projects, remind girls to sign ONLY their first names, not their lasts – kids are so use to being in school and writing first and last but for safety we should keep it secure). 
  • The remaining 60 boxes we were going to donate directly to our community social services, but then we learned about an even better way. In the Spring the local food bank, social services, and family aid have a “basket” contest. Basically local groups, organizations, businesses, or individuals create a “basket” for donation and then people voted with money on the “best.” The “baskets” and the money used in voting is all donated to the 3 organizations – which just amplifies the donation. We used our artist skills to create a “basket” which typically aren’t baskets but various other containers, the girls had a blast creating it! We didn’t win in our category…but we donated all our boxes of cookies, had fun, and raised a little extra money for charity. 

Celebration & Reflection Unlocking the Code to Leadership: We didn’t hold a huge celebration but we did talk about what we did, and even though we didn’t win how what we did helped so many people. 


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