The dog…

Oh my oh my, so hubs has been bugging me about getting a puppy for a few weeks now, I undeniably say no! We have kids I reply…not now…I don’t have the time, money, or energy for a puppy…a puppy is like a baby…these are all the reasons I try giving to hubs.

He has been trying to talk the girls into the dog idea, Boo gives him the “responsibility speech” apparently she has heard this one from me far too often because it was dead on. It goes something like this “dad, a dog is a lot of responsibility, it takes up a lot of time and money, we just don’t have a lot of time or money to take care of a dog right now. ya know you have to walk it, and clean up poop. what are you going to do with him when we go on vacation?”

Hubs even said to me one night “what if I do one of those Facebook polls that if I get so many like I can get a dog?” I reply “I don’t care how many likes you get, none of those people will be taking care of it” So hubs modified version of this was posting a random pic of a “cute” puppy and telling people she doesn’t want one but should I bring home anyways…well of course his friends all reply with cheers of “yeah man” “aww cute get him” “if you don’t take him I will” “do it, that puppy is adorable” and best one of all “get it, YOU are the man you do and get what YOU want!” Oh lol…sorry buddy we don’t live in another country nor 1950, this is 2014 and women have a voice!

We both work full-time, outside our home so a puppy is quite a task – as it is I do all of the day to day for him and the 3 girls…the cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, running around, pretty much everything except mowing the lawn. Just mornings alone would kill a normal person, getting myself and 3 little girls ready, lunches packed, breakfast made, homework checked, and out the door by 7:15am is like running a marathon on a daily basis. A puppy is just not on the radar. I told him getting a puppy without my mutual acceptance is like the male equivalent of a woman getting pregnant when a man doesn’t want a baby.

Well Friday afternoon what is hubs up to…picking up a puppy. AHHHHHH, I try not to show my dismay but I know he knows its there. He says but you’ll love it, yes you are right I will love the puppy, I mean its furry and cute that’s what it was put on earth to do, be cute. That doesn’t mean that I am happy about having another mouth to feed and worry about, clean up after.


Yes, Frankenstein is the newest member of our family…8weeks old, born 3/27/14, Lab – Austrailian Shephard mix



Someone like us

Over the weekend, we had a girl scout outing and I was driving one girl from our troop, her mother dropped her at our house once inside the girl began looking around. Now the last time I had schoolmates of Boo’s over the first girl to arrive entered our home and exclaimed “wow this place is small!” which at 6 or 7 years old is totally acceptable because in fact our home is small. So when this girl began turning her head to check out the place I was ready…and she said “wow your house is really cleaned compared to my house!” Oh my that is not what I was expecting…but it did make me chuckle. Since our home is small, we have to clean basically every minute plus one. I try really hard to organized and keep the clutter to a minimum but it’s endless! Now I’ve never been to this girls home, let a lone been inside, but I would imagine her house is all tidy, just  differently. She then told me she was moving soon, just a few blocks from us, apparently the home they are currently in is a rental, so I ask if it was bigger or small, she then said oh a bit small then our current one, about the same size as this one – speaking of our home. Ah, relief!

Why you ask is that relief? We live in a small town built on farming but grown up on white collar executives so incomes as well as homes range greatly. At my daughter’s school there are children that live in a mobile home or small apartment, all the way to three-quarters of a million dollar home. And luckily my daughter has friends throughout the scale. So when this little girl, was so similar to us, I felt like wow that is so wonderful to hear.

Speaking of the wide range of home sizes, on this girl scout outing we had another mom from our troop was there, now they live in an upper end home. We were talking about kids rooms and cleaning – normal mom “stuff” and she was saying her kids, she has 3- 14, 11, & 8, all have messy rooms, and no household skills ie laundry, doing dishes. I began to think…my kids don’t have messy rooms, because I help them clean them regularly – they are still young and need assistance. My girls can keep their rooms picked up pretty well, but typically on the weekends we re-sort the bins because by now toys are just shoved anywhere “mom won’t see.” That’s the great part of a tiny house…clutter and mess can’t hide very long. Now I can’t guarantee as they get older that this will still be the case, but for now it’s working, and hopefully they are being trained to do this on their own. Boo also helps do laundry…she’s bummed because I won’t let her start the washer yet but everything else she does. The little girl gets quite the work-out while switching the washer to the dryer, her routine is hop up on the washer get some clothes, jump down throw in dryer, hop back up on washer get more and she does this until she’s done. Never have I asked her to help with laundry, she just “LOVES” to do it. lol. I hope this one continues too!

Small House

Well to start, when we bought our current home, we were the same size family as we are today…

Our home is small but very full – of love & stuff. We make memories in a 960 sq ft. house, 3 bedrooms, and 1 bath…yes 1 bathroom. We do have a full basement…and a yard, not huge but big enough.

Two ways I always cope with our small size: 1 – this home was built in the ’60s and families were bigger then, if they could manage so can we, and 2 – I can keep this one clean! Hubs and I work full-time outside the home, so keeping everything clean and put away is seriously a daily challenge.

Not to mention I would have lived in a cardboard box to stay in our school system…even with “school of choice” now it’s not the same going to school elsewhere when your neighbors attend the local school. Plus we own a home, we have a yard, and are gaining equity as we speak…which would not happen in a rental.

The 1 bathroom problem, will definitely be addressed in a short time. With 4 girls, 1 momma, and 1 hubs…time in the bathroom is only going to be extended as time goes on.

Projects that are on the “wish-list”

  • Finish the basement – needs drywall and some insulation, maybe some different flooring
  •  Add on – build on to the back of the house, or what I would really love is to add a second story!
  • Add bathroom – possibly in the basement, or with the addition

Money is of course the only object standing in the way…have to save up. But, luckily when we bought the house everything – like everything had been updated in the previous 5 years or less. New furnace, hot water heater, A/C, electrical box, all appliances, total kitchen & bath remodel, new windows, doors, and roof/siding. So in that maintenance dept. we will be set for a little while.

Of course the hubs would rather take the “easy” way and sell this house, and “just” buy a bigger home. Not to mention all the hassles of shopping for a new home, I don’t think hubs has a clue what it would take to make our home selling ready. We have KIDS! Pictures and kid stuff in every nook & cranny of this house we are squeezed into.

In our small house we remain, cozy, and clean.